We Build Software Solutions for Genomics Labs

We solve software problems, so you can focus on the science.

Custom Solutions

We build custom laboratory information system (LIS) solutions that support your laboratory workflow.

  • Order and Result Portals
  • HIPAA Compliant Databases
  • Laboratory Process Tools
  • Project Management Dashboards

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Professional Services

As an Illumina partner, Semaphore specializes in laboratory information management systems (LIMS).

  • Workflow Design and Configuration
  • EMR System Integrations
  • EPP Script Development
  • Instrument and Robotics Integrations 

Let our team solve your laboratory challenges.

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We can augment your team with a single laboratory software expert, or provide a full team to complete and maintain your implementation.

We help our clients improve the efficiency and accuracy of their laboratories with high quality, reliable software solutions.

Clarity Workflow Design

We offer a specialization in NGS workflow design, and advise our clients on the optimal mapping of laboratory processes into Clarity LIMS workflows. Our team designs and builds solutions to optimize your lab’s resources. 

Clarity Workflow Implementation

Our software professionals implement a wide variety of extensions from accessioning to analysis pipeline integration.. Our team understands that each lab has a unique and complex set of requirements. We are skilled in configuration support, EPP script development, instrument integrations, robotics integrations, and EMR system integrations.

Clarity Toolkit

Our custom Semaphore Clarity Toolkit includes the Semaphore LIMS Wrapper Library and Automated Workflow Testing tools. The Library encapsulates common Clarity LIMS customization operations and gives our team the unique ability to efficiently implement software solutions to your laboratory workflow. We have developed tools that enable the rapid development of automated workflow tests. We frequently update the Semaphore Clarity Toolkit to improve its usability and reliability.

Clarity Support

Semaphore values each client and we are available to answer questions or handle critical IT issues as they occur. We provide training, workflow guidance and IT processes for your staff.

Custom Laboratory Solutions

No matter your laboratory’s goals, we solve software problems,
so you can focus on the science.

Laboratory System Integration
We integrate laboratory information management systems (LIMS), laboratory information systems (LIS), order and results systems, requisition provisioning, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), project management and custom portals. No matter your workflow, we make it happen.

Analysis Pipeline Integration
We support your analysis solution. Our software professionals provide efficient solutions for ensuring sequencing data securely enters your analysis platform of choice, and final reports are delivered to the right place.

Instrument Integration
Automating the exchange of setup information and result data with instruments increases laboratory efficiency and accuracy. We have experience integrating the full range of molecular diagnostic instruments, from QC instruments to sequencers to automated liquid handlers.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Systems Integration
EMR integration ensures that critical test and patient information enters the laboratory efficiently and error-free, and results are communicated accurately and quickly. Whether using EPIC, Cerner or another EMR system, we can integrate your laboratory systems via HL7.

Laboratory Scalability
Increasing sample throughput requires significant automation of laboratory processes and information management. Our team builds and maintains some of the highest throughput NGS labs in the world and can apply that experience to help you achieve your throughput goals.

Order Management
In addition to tracking physical samples, clinical diagnostic laboratories need to efficiently manage the orders that accompany samples. From the physician portal to the dashboard that manages order status, our customized system ensures that your lab’s orders are processed efficiently and accurately.

Business Solutions
We build custom solutions that support business process related to the laboratory workflow including Order and Result Portals, HIPAA Compliant Databases, Panel Selection Websites, Project Management Dashboards. If you can’t find off-the-shelf solutions, talk to us about how we efficiently build solutions that exactly match your requirements.

Software Engineering Services
We understand that laboratory software needs change over time. Let us support your team with a single developer or full team.

Our Process

We Consult

Semaphore Solutions provides a short, free consultation to organizations seeking to solve their business problems with software. We take pride in helping to guide professionals to the right software solution based on their unique needs, since they know their clients better than anyone.

We Discover

We value a refined discovery process. This phase includes activities such as architecture review, business analysis, and software design. As the discovery phase completes, we propose a project to achieve your custom solution. This analysis includes Semaphore’s technical recommendations, as well as any associated estimates and timelines. 

We Build

Semaphore builds solutions. After the discovery phase, we take an Agile approach while defining and solving your business’ unique challenges. Our professional software team follows established best-practices for all of their software project management and development.


We value collaboration. Our analysts work with your subject matter experts to create detailed requirements for the project at hand. With this information, we will then work with stakeholders to define what our software team will deliver, and when.


Our experienced software architects and full-stack developers efficiently design and implement a solution that meets the expectations of all stakeholders. Our team includes quality assurance specialists who ensure that the solution is ready for production and performs as specified.


Your software solution launch is more than just the press of a button. The launch is a crucial point in the project where the solution is deployed to a production environment, users are trained, processes are adjusted, and unexpected issues must be resolved. Our team is experienced in managing any uncertainty that new software solutions can introduce, allowing us to make the launch a success for everyone.


All Semaphore staff are trained to help maintain ongoing support relationships with our clients. Our team is always available to answer questions and handle critical IT issues as they occur.

We deliver software services to support our clients’ growth.

Software Development, DevOps, Quality Assurance, Architecture User, and Interface/User Experience.

We offer additional services in Project Management, Business Analysis and Process Consultation. We are available to augment a software team with a single expert, or provide a full team to complete and maintain feature or project.

Semaphore is trusted by these incredible partners

“Semaphore provides software expertise for Helix’s Clarity LIMS implementation. They have provided excellent project management, technical leadership, and quality software development that was crucial to the successful launch of our high volume lab. It's exciting to work with such an attentive and collaborative team, especially during complex design and implementations."

Tony Le, Product Manager


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