Liquid Handler Integrations

Work With Us to Streamline And Automate Your Laboratory With Liquid Handlers

Adding automation to your lab should not be a daunting task. We can work with you to implement your liquid handlers in your LIMS

Common Brands of Liquid Handlers We Work With Include
  • Hamilton Microlab STAR
  • Hamilton Microlab VANTAGE
  • Hamilton Microlab NIMBUS
  • Hamilton Microlab Prep
  • Beckman Coulter BioMek
What We Offer
  • Workflow design and configuration for your automation steps
  • Generate files to and from your LIMS and your liquid handlers that will provide sample/reagent placement, calculations and reagent use
  • Fully automate steps so you won’t need to enter data manually

We can integrate any instrument that supports file, API, or HL7 integrations.

Talk to us about boosting your lab’s productivity by integrating your liquid handler and your LIMS.

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