Build vs. Buy: Which is the Right Informatics Strategy for Your Lab?

Are you trying to decide if your lab should build its own custom software, buy off-the-shelf software (knowing you’ll inevitably have to customize it), or just keep stumbling along with Excel and paper-based tracking? The answer to this question will ultimately depend on your short- and long-term information system (informatics) strategy. How do you devise an informatics strategy? There are […]

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Choosing the Best LIMS: How to Apply an Effective Data-Driven Selection Process

This week’s post comes from Vincent Briere of Vertiance. Vincent is a strategic technology leader and business partner driving enterprise growth and business performance via scalable information technology. He’s worked in the area of business application selection for many years and has developed a rapid data-driven process. It’s a process we would recommend to the clinical diagnostic laboratories we work […]

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How to Visualize and Implement a Continuous Improvement Pipeline in a Clinical Laboratory Context

Clinical diagnostic laboratories may have business goals that include increasing profits, reducing costs, or accelerating innovation. Continuous improvement is an organized approach to identifying opportunities to achieve these types of goals. What is a continuous improvement pipeline? In our work with clinical labs, we recommend building a continuous improvement pipeline—a repeatable mechanism (often called a “recipe”) for planning and deploying […]

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When to Call in the Software Experts, and How to Get the Best Results

The success of any clinical diagnostic laboratory software project depends on multiple factors—including how much preparation the lab has done before calling in a consultant, whether they have a thorough understanding of their requirements, and if they have identified specific areas where they need help. In this post, we describe several common scenarios where labs have reached out to us […]

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Consultant’s Perspective of a Clinical Lab’s Software Stack

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) clinical laboratories rely on different types of software to meet their business and laboratory needs. Leading laboratories often work with experienced software consultants to make sure that each piece of software is verified and validated, and set up using the best software engineering practices, integrations, and automations. Key Clinical Laboratory Systems Fulfilled by Software The software systems […]

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The Right Consultant Can Help You Improve Profitability and Growth

Optimizing an NGS Clinical Diagnostic laboratory for growth is no small task. Laboratory and technical leads, and other stakeholders, understand full well the complexity of the business and recognize the risk in hiring the wrong consultants to help them modernize their software and update their technology. That doesn’t mean it’s better to use internal development resources, though. The right consultants […]

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